Fukunaga-Kaitoku-Do in Osaka buys and sells used and antique books - collected editions, technical, philosophy books, and more.


2-3,Nagaikecho,Osaka,Abeno-ku,Osaka,Japan 545-0013

TEL 06-6621-2052
FAX 06-6621-2058
Business hours 10:00~19:00
Regular holiday Wednesday


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Fukunaga-Kaitoku-Do, an antiquarian bookshop in Osaka

Fukunaga-Kaitoku-Do has been buying, selling and appraising rare and interesting books for over 40 years in Osaka, Japan. Having our headquarter moved to Abeno district, and we are now mainly dealing antique and second-hand books business via the Internet. Extensive inventory is managed in three warehouses, therefore, we are able to cope with purchasing large amount of books immediately.

Please sell us the books you loved, read over and over. All the books we purchase are checked and cleaned with special care to the details, and kept carefully before they are handed over to a new owner. Let us know of the details of the book such as the title and the condition. Taking into considerations the market price and such, our shop owner with the experience of over 40 years will value your book and offer the best price for it.

Before you need to clean up the books when moving, after someone’s passing, or simply organizing your library, contact us with the toll-free number or fax.

We are able to visit your place for purchasing, regardless of our business hours, throughout Western Region of Japan around Osaka city.

If you want to sell books,call toll-free 0120-4488-23


  • the JPN Assoc. of Dealers in Old Books
  • the Osaka Pref. Assoc. of Dealers in Old Books
  • "Hohsho-kai", the Osaka Old Books Dealers' Assoc.

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